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          Ruby Barclay, VIU Child and Youth Care alum

          VIU Alum Helps Start Mobile Youth Outreach Team to Support Homeless Youth

          July 10, 2020

          Ruby Barclay, a Child and Youth Care alum and coordinator of the Nanaimo Aboriginal Centre’s Youth Advisory Council, is part of an initiative that aims to support and learn more about youth living on the streets of Nanaimo.“I am the example of what survival is really about on this... Read more

          William Litchfield, Associate Vice-President, Community Partnerships

          VIU Creates New Office of Community Partnerships

          July 8, 2020

          The office will act as a liaison between the community and university – connecting external partners and organizations to the skills, expertise and resources at VIU to support impactful and relevant community-based projects, initiatives and research.Vancouver Island University (VIU... Read more

          Virtual Graduation Celebration 2020

          July 7, 2020

          Virtual event to take place on September 30, 2020First of all, I wanted to say a heartfelt congratulations to all of our Spring 2020 graduates. Graduating from university is an important milestone that deserves to be celebrated, honoured and reflected upon. This year it is... Read more

          Vancouver Island University faculty members are researching the social impacts of coronavirus.

          VIU Provides Special Funding for COVID-19 Research Projects

          July 6, 2020

          The University’s Research Award Committee funds nine faculty coronavirus projects for a total of $40,782.Vancouver Island University’s (VIU) Research Award Committee is supporting nine COVID-19 research projects that will help gain a better understanding of the virus’s impact on... Read more

          Dr. Dan Baker a VIU Fisheries and Aquaculture Professor, examines some of the produce growing in the aquaponics greenhouse.

          Students Learn about Sustainable Food Production at Aquaculture Greenhouse

          July 2, 2020

          VIU Fisheries and Aquaculture students learning in the aquaponics greenhouse gain knowledge about economic, environmental and socially sustainable food production.A state-of-the-art greenhouse at Vancouver Island University (VIU) is giving students hands-on experiences while they... Read more

          Improving access to quality, affordable child care in Nanaimo

          June 25, 2020

          The Ministry of Children and Family Development is investing in new child care spaces in Nanaimo, including a new centre at Vancouver Island University (VIU).VIU’s Elders-in-Residence will consult on the centre’s curriculum to ensure children learn about Indigenous cultures,... Read more

          VIU Building Partnerships for Hands-on Learning Experiences

          Building Partnerships for Hands-on Learning Experiences

          June 24, 2020

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          UPDATE: COVID-19, JUNE 18

          June 18, 2020

          As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we have moved from an emergency situation to a place where changes related to the pandemic are evolving a bit more slowly. We find ourselves reacting less and spending more time planning for a variety of possibilities in the future. Due to this... Read more

          VIU Research Supports Health-Care Professionals Suffering From Emotional Distress

          Supporting Health-Care Professionals Suffering From Emotional Distress

          June 12, 2020

          VIU professor receives federal government grant to aid in the development of an innovative psychedelic medicine-assisted therapy program for the treatment of mental health issues experienced by first responders.A Vancouver Island University (VIU) Nursing professor developing a... Read more

          Gender Symposium Shines Light on the History of Healing and Caring

          June 11, 2020

          VIU researchers received a $19,050 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Connection Grant to host symposium.Vancouver Island University (VIU) researchers are shining a spotlight on the ways in which gender has played a consistent role in determining what forms of healing... Read more

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